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Day 1

This is a guide to help you understand the necessary steps for clearing SSB. The basics to getting your prep start are all here. What to do and what not to do are all given here!
What do you need: A notebook, conviction and dedication.

Total time: 40 Minutes
Strategy to clear SSB || Colonel Rajvir Sharma

This video has the strategy that is important in clearing the SSB Interviews

Best way for SSB Preparation || Guidance by Col Rajvir Sharma

Day 2 is confusing and filled with nervousness because this is the first stepping stone. Make sure you know what to do on this day.

How to clear SSB if you are a women | Guidance by Col Rajvir Sharma

Clearing SSB being a woman can be a challenge. This video will guide you through the process and make it easier

This is why you won't become a Defence Officer | 6 Reasons

Check out how you can avoid these mistakes