Complete SSB preparation

This course covers every aspect involved in the preparation for

  1. Thrice a week for 3 months of  one on one sessions with Col. Rajvir Sharma (Retd) to prepare yourself in an all round manner for your 5 day SSB interview.
  2. For repeaters a detailed discussion of their previous SSB interviews will take place and a thorough discussion of what went wrong will take place.
  3. For first time a breakdown of 'what SSB is all' about will take place.
  4. Get tips on how to write the OIR form and PIQ form. Practice them with Col Rajvir Sharma
  5. Get a through practice of all the psychology tests- a break down of the number of practice tests that you will have in this course:
    - 90 TAT
    - 300 WAT
    - 150 SRT
    - Self-Description in 10+ classes.
  6. Get tips to improve each psychology tests individually and have thorough discussion and analysis of your performance in the practice tests.
  7. Get a thorough practice of how to perform in the interviews with the help of Mock interview and have a thorough discussion of your performance in those interviews.
  8. Get tips on different ways to improve your performance in the interviews, work on your specific weakness with Col Rajvir Sharma.
  9. Work on your extempore speech with the help of mock extempore speech tests, get tips on how to improve yourself and have a comprehensive discussion for your speaking skills
  10. Have discussions and get tips About Progressive Group Task (pgt), Half Group Task And Full Group Task.Tips Regarding Group Discussion (GD).
  11. Polish and build your personality through Discussion About your Academic Career, games & Sports, hobbies And Co-curricular Activities. Get tips on Organising Games / Tracking / Other Co-curricular Activities.
  12. Updated current affairs will be thoroughly discussed and material will be provided. Topics with material personally curated by Col Rajvir Sharma will be discussed and provided. The latest edition of Static GK guide will be provided.
  13. Stay in touch with Col Rajvir Sharma via calls and Whatsapp till you clear your exam, even after your course ends.
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Frequently asked questions

What are the class timings?

All sessions are one on one session therefore your class timings will be decided as per yours and Col Rajvir Sharma's comfort.

Do you provide any printed study material?

We do not provide printed material because we don't believe in rote learning. We will be giving you the required tips needed for your improvement and abundant (original) work load to practice. We will be providing you PFD's to supplement certain parts of the preparation.

What language will the classes be in?

The classes will mostly be in english, but for people learning english the classes will be in Hindi working towards improving your English

What are your class sizes and student-to-teacher ratios? Do you offer individualised learning and differentiated instruction and what do these things look like?

It is a one-on-one class, meaning only one student will be taught by Col. Rajvir Sharma at a given time, unless required otherwise.
If you wish to take classes with another aspirant of yours, then you can talk with Col Rajvir Sharma and get a special discount for your classes.

When will the course end?

This depends on which course you opt for. The time has been allotted for each course, we do not work on a number of days basis but on an hourly basis. Also, we stay with you till you end which means you would be in contact with Col Rajvir Sharma even after your course ends till your exam takes place.

Where do the classes take place?

The classes take place online. If someone is more comfortable in taking an offline class those take place in Delhi and Rohtak, Haryana.

How can i enroll in one of the courses?

You can go through the process Online by following the procedure on the website or get in touch with Col Rajvir Personally, in His phone number: 7042110036.

What if i am not able to attend one of my classes?

The classes are based on the number of hours that are completed. If you are not able to attend one of the classes on a particular day then after informing before hand you can shift your session to some other day

What is the payment method?

You can do it online via UPI, credit card , debit card, etc. and offline via cash and check as well.

Can people who have jobs take your course?

Youngsters who are presently working in Private Sector  OR are not able to join course Physically due to some reasons and keen to join Defence Services as an officer has got a wonderful opportunity to make the best use of online one to one. Also, the time is flexible to a point, you can check-in if a particular time works for you.

Who can take the courses?

People from the age of 18 to 27 can take the courses. There is no restriction on who takes it between those ages, first-timers, repeaters, people with jobs, people in postgraduate college, etc.

What if my internet is not working or i don't have an internet connection?

You can get in contact with Col Rajvir Sharma about this problem and schedule the one on one session in person as well.

What happens if I change my mind after a few classes about giving SSB? Will I get a refund?

We believe this situation wont come to this, we believe in your determination and aspirations. But if does then Rs.1000 will be charged for every 2 hours of class you have attended and whatever is the balance it will be given back to you.