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Maths Syllabus

1. Sets , Relations and Functions
2. Trigonometric Functions
3. Inverse Trigonometric Functions
4. Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations5. Linear Inequalities
6. Permutations and Combinations
7. Binomial Theorem
8. Sequences and Series
9. Straight Lines and family of lines
10. Circles and family of Circles
11. Conic Sections
12. Three-dimensional Geometry
13. Matrices and Determinants
14. Limit and Continuity
15. Differentiation
16. Application of Derivatives
17. Indefinite Integrals
18. Definite Integrals
19. Application of Integrals
20. Differential Equations
21. Differential Equations
22. Vectors
23. Probability
24. Statistics

English Syllabus

(i) A short passage followed by four questionsto test comprehension.
The questions will be set
1. To judge understanding of the passage
2. To draw inference
3. To judge understanding of vocabulary
(ii) Grammar-1
1. Subject- Verb concord
2. Forms of verbs and errors in the use ofverbs, etc.
3. Sequence of tenses and errors in the use oftenses.
4. Transformation of sentences Compound,Complex, Simple,
Negative, Affirmative, Comparative degree,Positive degree, Superlative
degree, etc.
(iii) Grammar-2
1. Formation of Words- Nouns from Verbsand Adjectives, Adjectives
from Nouns and Verbs, Adverbs fromAdjectives, etc.
2. Determiners
3. The Preposition
4. Nouns and Pronouns
5. The Adjectives
6. The Adverb
7. The Conjunction
8. The modals
9. Clauses- Noun clauses, Adverb clauses ofcondition and
time and Relative Clauses.
(iv) Vocabulary
1. Synonyms and Synonyms in context
2. Antonyms and Antonyms in context
3. One word substitution
4. Spelling pitfalls
5. Simple Idioms/ Phrases
6. Words often confused/ Selecting thecorrect word fitting in a

Physics Syllabus

1. Physical World and Measurement
2. Kinematics
3. Laws of Motion
4. Work, Energy and Power
5. Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body
6. Gravitation
7. Properties of Bulk Matter
8. Thermodynamics
9. Behaviour of Perfect Gases and Kinetic Theory of Gases
10. Oscillations and Waves
11. Electrostatics
12. Current Electricity
13. Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism
14. Electromagnetic Induction and AlternatingCurrent
15. Electro Magnetic Waves
16. Optics
17. Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation
18. Atoms and Nuclei
19. Electronic Devices